Implement 5 Steps to Overcome Your Child’s Allergies, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD or Seizures

We understand that parents who have concerns about their kids’ allergies, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and seizures have the same challenges we did! Get our FREE training and discover how we overcame these conditions in our own family by entering your information above.

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We Understand Your Challenges

You sometimes wonder if you are doing everything you can to provide the healthiest and happiest life possible for your child. When you see your child struggle with either:

  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • seizures

You wonder is there more I could do?

You’re the mom that keeps an eye out for organic foods, and “clean” household supplies because these are safer for your family. You also understand how important it is for your child to feel like they fit in and sometimes their challenge makes life tough.

You know one of the biggest things that can boost your child’s self-confidence is allowing them to feel accepted for who they are.

But how can you help your child have more laughs and less of the challenges?

It seems like there is so much conflicting information about everything…is going gluten free the answer or is it just another fad?  Is it best to set firm rules in the house or to have a softer more permissive way of parenting?  What about activities?  Should you encourage your child to stay active or does the time commitment and pressure become too much?

What You Need Most

You need to learn what is going on inside your child’s body so you can understand how they can feel even better over time.  You need to:

  1. Find more PERMANENT health solutions for your child (instead of temporary symptom relief)
  2. Discover the #1 thing that prevents people from saying YES to changing their health and how to neutralize it fast.
  3. Feel EMPOWERED during your child’s health transformation process instead of GUILTY & HOPELESS.

You need someone that has been in your shoes and understands the conflicting feelings of worry, uncertainty and even guilt that you feel sometimes. But at the same time, understands what’s it like to be a busy mom that doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with radical changes.

You really need someone that has been through this before you and found an easy path that works…without turning your life upside down.

You need 1) a proven, simple and holistic strategy that will teach you exactly what your child needs to feel great, 2) a stretch in beliefs about what is possible for your child and 3) a supportive community to hold you accountable and ensure that you never have to feel like you’re alone ever again.

We provide these three key elements in a variety of services to parents. As our way of giving back for the help we received, when our daughter was struggling with seizures, we invite you to a schedule a VIBRANT CHILD HEALTH call.

On the call you will receive:

  • A crystal clear vision for the “Vibrant Child” you’d like to have.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your child’s health & happiness.
  • A shift in confidence that will leave you renewed, re-energized and inspired.

Schedule your call today!

One more thing, how much easier it would be if you and your husband were on the same page? His support in making changes in your family’s life would definitely make things easier. But how could you possibly get him on board? CLICK HERE for a special page dedicated to all the dad’s out there.



Having Amanda helping me balance all of life’s challenges has been a blessing! Amanda has been instrumental with her support and insights, her advice is always spot on and she has been able to see the forest for the trees. She preaches authenticity and open-mindedness and is a constant flow of positivity. I have come to rely on her not only as a coach but a true friend and offer anyone my highest recommendation.
- Allen V.
Amanda guides others to feed their body and treat their body, but what makes a larger impact is how she feeds their soul. Amanda’s uplifting and vibrant energy can conquer any fear. She proceeds to find ways to empower others to be their full potential. With all my heart, I would recommend Amanda to those wanting to find themselves in a new light and renew their perspective of their inner and outer world.
- Marina T.