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About Amanda Hinman



If we had met years ago you would probably think I look the same.  The same hair length, same body shape and the same smile to greet you.  I appeared to have it all together as the President of the Parent Teach Council at my daughters’ school, the parent volunteer for the gymnastics team, the mom who hosted Halloween parties and girls’ nights.  However, my feelings on the inside were often a different story.  I felt frustrated almost daily when my family ‘tuned me out’.  The truth is my husband and I were more like roommates than lovers.  I was exhausted and starting to feel resentful that there was no time left for me.

(Remember the example above about waking up late, rushing through the morning routine with frustrated kids and ending the day crashing on the couch with chocolate and TV?  That was my regular routine!)

The truth is I rarely slowed down enough to notice how I felt.  I wasn’t listening to my inner voice.

And then my worst nightmare as a mom happened. 

It was a rainy afternoon in April.  The weather outside the hospital room window mirrored my despair as I listened to the pediatric neurologist explain why my 8 year-old daughter needed a seizure medication with 4 pages of possible negative side effects.  I felt sick to my stomach.  I looked over to see my daughter’s petite silhouette laying in the hospital bed, her body completely drained in the aftermath of her fourth seizure.  I was terrified and confused.  My mind couldn’t grasp how just 48 hours before neither my husband nor I had ever witnessed a seizure and my little girl seemed completely healthy.

Yet in the mist of the fear and powerlessness, something else was bubbling inside me.  I was angry and resentful towards the woman standing in front of me with a white coat.  Something deep inside me knew there was more to the story of why my daughter suddenly started having seizures.  It was more than simply a genetic condition.  But this woman wasn’t hearing me.  A tiny whisper of a motherly intuition was telling me to hold off giving her medication and instead bring my daughter home to rest.  However, I was warned how dangerous it could be.  The truth is, I didn’t trust listening to the tiny whisper inside either.  I was terrified and still in shock.

As we left the hospital my energy shifted from desperation and fear to determination.  I was willing to do anything to help her heal naturally and overcome her epilepsy.

The next four months were a roller-coaster.  I lived like a jack-n-the-box alternating between feeling hopeful we had found something to help my daughter and then completely devastated and scared as her seizures intensified.  I sought out second opinions, made drastic changes to our families’ diet, took her to a chiropractor and a therapist.  Every fiber in my being was fighting to rebuild her health.  However, the flurry of action wasn’t having the impact I’d hoped for.  She continued to have seizures, now as many as 10-15 in a day.  She was taking 4 different seizures medications, (12 pills a day) and I almost didn’t recognize my once sharp and witty girl, as she was now distant and lethargic as a side-effect.


But I had ZERO energy left to do anything for my daughter.  I was so focused on doing everything I could for her and I was exhausted, so I did the only thing I could think of at that time…I enrolled in a coaching program for myself.  Yes I did.  I made the decision to invest in me.  

With determination and certainty that I needed to feel better so that I could be a better mom for our daughters, I stood in my power and told Mike that I needed to make this investment in myself. Ironically it came at a time when our future was completely uncertain.  Mike made the decision to step away from his career in the financial markets because of how stress was impacting his health and our daughter was still on four high priced seizure medications.


I’d heard the saying before a million times…you have to fill your own cup before you can give to others your love.  Yes, it is a cliché and it is SO true.  I had to get to the place where I had no more energy left in me and then something switched.   I was able to step back and realize that all of my efforts weren’t having the affect I was hoping for.  Something needed to change.

The amazing thing was, once I embraced it, doing something for me felt ENERGIZING!  I became inspired.  I looked forward to the time I was spending learning new perspectives, discovering how to release some of my rigid judgments and soften.  I let go of underlying resentment I felt when previously my kids and my husband seemed to ‘tune me out’ and learned how to communicate effectively.   This new way of living allowed me to stop wasting time with arguments and meltdowns and find time for things I’m passionate about.  Most importantly, I reconnected with my own motherly intuition and was able to understand what my daughter needed to heal.

This had a HUGE impact on my family.  It wasn’t a magic bullet, and yet it was an enjoyable steady wave of momentum that continued to gently guide as we started sharing more moments of laughter, fun and relaxation together.

As a few months passed we noticed changes in the way we felt.  My daughter started to be able to wean off her seizure medication, Mike no longer woke up in sweats because of his anxiety and my energy level charged up.

And from there we dove in, spending years researching and tens of thousands of dollars studying with the best relationship experts, chiropractors, behaviorists, family therapists, and peak psychology experts transforming our family health into the vibrant lives we enjoy today!


I am passionate about health and wellness and studied under my mentor Joshua Rosenthal, a pioneer in holistic health, to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  There I studied over 100 different dietary theories.  In addition, I’ve had over 17 years’ experience in health and wellness industries as a certified National Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor working for Lifetime Fitness, LA Fitness, Synergy Fitness and Sports, Xsport, and Bally Total Fitness.  

I’ve studied under and learned from Registered Nutritionist Karen Hurd, Chiropractors Dr. Tommy John and Drs. Quintin and Katie Sleigh, relationship expert Lynn Barrette and spiritual teachers Fabienne Fredrickson and Esther Hicks as well as participating in my own spiritual retreat in Brazil.

It is important to me to discover things first hand and part of that journey lead me to tour Monsanto’s Research and Development headquarters to ask my questions about genetically modified organisms directly to their directors and top scientists.

Most recently I authored Vibrant Child: 7 Steps to Increase Your Child’s Health & Happiness voted Top 10 Inspiring books for Women by Aspire Magazine.

Finally, I enjoy being a national writer and speaker – As seen in Natural Awakenings, Aspire Magazine, Huffington Post, Oh Lardy, Sleigh Family Chiropractic and Gluten Free & Allergy Expo.

I bring this wide array of perspectives to all of my clients, as a way for them to discover what resonates most for them.