How to Change the Way You Feel

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Today, it is my intention to shift your perspective on what is possible and have you think soooo much bigger about your impact on your kids, and as a result, how much fun, ease and connection you can have with your them.

How?  By taking how you’re currently experiencing your emotions and turning it into something that you can control (everyone knows when mom feels better life is less stressful!).

By going from feeling worried or overwhelmed to clear and confident AND then role modeling how to do it with your kids.  

Tony Robbins has been my coach and mentor for years and learning to do this practice has changed my life and my family’s life too.   Watch this:

See?  If you want your kids to learn how to manage their emotions and stress less than you’ll have to learn how to do it too.

Tony reminds us how something as simple as changing the expression on your face will literally change the way you feel.  

It’s the simple things that have the biggest impact….and yet these are the same things we forget about or don’t make time for.  

The thing is, if you want a Vibrant Child and Vibrant Life, you simply have to prioritize 10 minutes to PRIME yourself to feel good.  

And when you feel good you show up as a mom, as a spouse, as a friend differently.  You’re also teaching your kids how not to become victim of their circumstances and rise above feelings of worry, fear and uncertainty.  

If my clients can do it, so can you. 

You’re assignment this week is to find 10 minutes each day and PRIME yourself to feel good by focusing on 3 things to be grateful for and smiling.  It’s that easy!

I believe in you.


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