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Good morning!

Since I opened the doors for enrollment in Vibrant Child 101 I’ve been getting some questions which essentially boil down to, “is this for me?”

When I get one question, I know there are at least dozens of other people who are wondering that very same thing, so I’m popping in your inbox today to clear up who Vibrant Child 101 is, in fact for.

I received messages from women who said, “My child isn’t struggling with a particular diagnosis or condition, is this program right for me?”

Get started right away so you don’t miss out before we close the doors.

I don’t want you to feel bummed you missed out so read on to find out if Vibrant Child 101 – The Quickstart Program is for you!

I know you may not think Vibrant Child 101 is for you if you don’t have a child with a specific health condition, but I’ve worked this members whose kids are doing well, have a busy life and who get the sense that their life is similar to most of their friends. 

Yes, the challenges of a typical busy family may be different than those of families with a specific condition, but they’re no less challenging!

The time management and stress-reducing how-to content, plus my unique holistic framework of how to maximize your energy and connection with your kids, applies to everyone.

See what Dr. Katie Sleigh discovered when she decided to step into Vibrant Child 101 and create even more unshakable confidence and vibrant health for her family.

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The long and short of it is that Vibrant Child 101 is for you if…

 – You’re a mom who is ready to have clarity and confidence in how to best to support your child 

 – You’re interested in learning how to add an extra hour into each day for things you enjoy instead of wasting time with arguments and meltdowns

 – You want to experience the benefits of effective communication so you no longer feel like your family tunes you out!

 – You often feel overwhelmed and want to have more patience and energy

 – You lose sleep at night because your worried about your child and want to have more laughs and less worry

No matter who you are and what phase of life you’re in, here are some of the topics we cover that our members adore and that I know will apply to you:

 – Our never-explained-before shift in perspective that transforms how you see the way food impacts your family’s health and happiness!

 – Our argument stopping strategy to understand how each person in your family feels loved in their own unique way

 – Our time saving simple approach to create new beliefs to propel your life forward

 – Our realistic method to get unstuck from the pattern of “over responsibility” that is sucking the fun out of your family’s life

If you resonate with what you’ve heard so far about Vibrant Child 101, it’s for you.  You can trust yourself on that.  If it feels like it’s for you, it is.

Learn more and get started by clicking here.

See you inside!

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