How Eileen became empowered around her health

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Your message of inspiration today is about how much you can improve your health once you are willing to get help putting the right approach in place…

…like Eileen’s amazing transformation in becoming empowered and excited about her health!!

Watch me interview her about how she did it:

Here is some of what Eileen shared in her video:

“I feel so much healthier and have so much more energy than I had before! I really appreciate how working with you has given me inspiration.

I am now sleeping through the night, feel better on a consistent basis and the biggest thing is that I have a sense of empowerment around my health!

When I look back I can’t believe all the changes I’ve made in my life and it was doable and I enjoyed the process.

I was looking for someone to provide a different perspective beyond what the dr. said and you provided that in a nonjudgmental way.

The great thing is the steps you gave me were manageable and I never felt overwhelmed about making improvements in my health.”

Congratulations Eileen!!

Before our work together Eileen had received several diagnosis and she felt like unfortunate things kept happening to her.  Now, she understands how things are interconnected, is educated to know what she can do to change and inspired to enjoy taking the actions.

The truth is, health transformation doesn’t happen by itself.  Problem is, those who need a shift in their health the most are usually those who run as far away as they can when it’s time to discover new ways of eating and self-care to improve their health, or who at the very least, put the idea of healthy changes on the back burner (sometimes even for years).

This changes radically when you get the support and guidance you need to make these changes effectively and even enjoy the process!  That’s what I do with my private clients.  

This interview still makes me a bit tingly in the eyes…because it is just so moving for me to witness this kind of transformation, again and again.  Its life changing for women I coach as well as everyone in their family, because it works.

The stories I share are inspiring, yes.  These women have done extraordinary things, it’s true.

Schedule a call, just to chat about what might be possible for you.  I am here to help, never to pressure you into something that isn’t wholehearted yes for you.

It just may be the beginning of an incredible shift for you like it was for Eileen and many others.

Much love,


P.S. – Here’s the link to set up a time to chat.  It’s free and there’s no pressure and nothing to lose.  Go for it.  xoxo