How to Easily Make the Right Decision

Amanda Hinman Uncategorized

We make decisions every day.  The reality is most decisions we give minimal thought to.  Should I wear a pink shirt today or blue one?

But then there are decisions that are a lot harder to make.

These are the things that you feel gut wrenched about because you just don’t know what to do….

– Should I look for a different job?
– Should I change a relationship that seems to be causing more harm than good?
– Should I work with a different specialist to see if they can help improve my health?

Today I share a process that has helped me and many others make confident decisions, especially for things are are really important in our lives.

In the video I share 5 steps for making important decisions.  Fabienne Fredrickson , one of my mentors, shared this process with me a while back.  It has been so helpful many times over that I wanted to share it with you!

Step 1 – Define Your Goals.  It is important to be very specific on what outcomes you want for your future.  When you know where you want to go it’s easy to determine if your decision will move you in the right direction.

Step 2 – Calculate Your Return On Investment (ROI).  Every new direction has a cost associated with it.  Whether it be financial or time.  For me this return has to be at least 2x what the investment is.  Some people are happy with 6% return in the stock market, but I will always bet on me!  If there is a way to achieve the goals I want and this investment can move me in the right direction, then I am willing!

Step 3 – Consider Alternatives.  What happens if you make this decision and end up with intended results?  Where will you be?  How will your life be different?  What happens if you don’t?  Will you be happy if you are in the same place a year from now?  If you don’t take action is it possible things will move in a worse direction?

Step 4 – Consult Your Intuition.  We have 2 voices inside.  One is very quiet, calm and supportive.  It’s the one in from your heart.  This voice is your intuition.  Your heart will always support growth and advancement for your overall well-being.  The second voice is VERY LOUD!!  It’s the one in your head.   This voice is critical, judgmental and does not want to be overlooked.  This is your ego and it’s biggest desire is to keep you where you already are, in your comfort zone.

Step 5 – Trust Yourself.   At the end of the day, you are always the person that will look out for your best interest and the best interest of those you love.  Once you go through the other for steps you will be aware of what resonates with you.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  But if there is a inner sense of hope or draw to an opportunity, then it’s time to show your own faith in yourself!

These 5 steps will lead you to make important decisions with grace, ease and optimism as you move in new directions in life.

We would love to hear your feedback.  How do you make important decisions in life? Have you tried these steps or something similar?  If not, what do you do differently?