How Jenny Made Me Teary-eyed

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Sooo, today I’m sharing a special moment that my friend Jenny Mannion, (from created for me.

The two of us were having a conversation about simple tools moms can use to slow down and reduce stress.

If you’re anything like me…. you understand how refreshing it is to have a quick hack that makes life easier.

This one caught me off guard and actually brought tears to my eyes.  Watch what Jenny shares here.

​​​​​​Maybe you do this too?

There comes a point in every mom’s life where the path to what will make your family’s life less stressful requires doing things differently – gaining clarity on what’s most helpful, making consistent healthy choices, using new strategies…

I love to remind my clients that what got you where you are today won’t get you to where you want to go. 😉

But…there’s also a common trap that many people fall into.

It’s assuming there is nothing you can do to change your family’s stress levels, because it’s just how life is.

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