Key Nutrients That Support ADD, ADHD and Anxiety

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OK, today we’re going to be talking about nutrition. If you’re into holistic sources of supporting health, you’re going to loooove today’s video.

Maybe this isn’t something you typically focus on (we often focus on behaviors and emotions with our kids), but it is something important, especially if you have allergies, ADD, ADHD or anxiety in your family.

I am excited to share some powerful information about key nutrients to support brain function, and particularly as it relates to these situations.

We sat down with world-renowned health advocate Peter Greenlaw to discuss the valuable information he shared at the Autism One Conference.

As you learned from Peter Greenlaw in today’s video minerals are an essential part of our body’s nourishment. In fact, some of the specific minerals such as lithium, gold, copper, magnesium, silver, etc. are necessary for the neurotransmitters in our brains to function smoothly.

Think of it like this, minerals are like the spark plugs for your body because you need certain ones in order to make chemical reactions happen so your brain can function. When a person doesn’t have enough minerals it’s just like missing spark plugs in your car. It’s not going to work well.

So, why are a lot of people missing their spark plugs (minerals)? Did you know that our food supply has changed more in the past 20 years than it did in the 200 prior?

In other words, the foods that most people eat today are not the same as what our parents and grandparents ate. This is particularly true for any packaged foods. All you have to do is turn over the box and look at the ingredient label. Notice how many of the ingredients are words you don’t even recognize? We don’t know what those ingredients are and neither does our body.

Minerals are found in soil, so the more whole foods consumed in their natural state a person eats, the more minerals their body receives. Whenever we process foods some of the mineral content is diminished. Therefore eating whole real foods is the first step in providing our brains with the spark plugs they need to function well.

Here is a checklist of foods that are high in minerals:

Top 15 Foods Rich In Essential Minerals

Legumes, or beans are at the top of the list. Beans also have many other positive effects on your body. Beans are a perfect source of pre-biotic food which is necessary to support health probiotic balance in your gut as well as an incredible source of soluble fiber.

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In today’s video, I share what nutrients are essential for supporting brain health.  I would like for you to try adding these into your family’s meals.

It could be just the thing that creates a shift around certain challenges you’ve been facing.



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