How Much Protein is Beneficial for Kids?

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You want your kids to have patience, be able to focus and remain calm emotionally right?

Have you ever considered what their bodies need in order to have the capacity to do that?  Would you expect your car to run smoothly if you filled it with water instead of gas?

One of the key essential nutrients our kids need in order to live healthy and vibrant lives is protein.  But how much is the right amount?

Depends who you ask right?  There are literally hundreds of different diet books in the market and all of them have a different suggestion about what we should be eating and what we shouldn’t.  But what about our kids?

Perhaps we look to the USDA My Plate food guidelines for some suggestions:

This is a good place to start.  We can see that protein makes up roughly ¼ of each meal for children and adults.  But what happens when you dig a little deeper to find what type of protein?

Today we share a perspective from Registered Nutritionist Karen Hurd that may be a little controversial.  Watch this video to see a very important distinction about the type of protein that is often not discussed.  Viewer warning, it’s a little long (7 minutes) but really makes you think….

In the video, Karen talks about the importance of eating protein sources that are both complete and efficient.  There are only 5 typical sources of protein that are both complete and efficient.  They are:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Seafood

The reason this is so important is when we eat these things we are making it easier for our body to create the millions of new cells that it must create every day.  In order to make a new cell our body must have proteins.

According to Karen Hurd, when your child doesn’t have enough complete and efficient sources of protein it means their bodies are working on overdrive all the time to grow.  She explains how it takes up to 100 times more work to create cells from incomplete and inefficient sources of protein.

Now that you understand what’s going on inside your child’s body, and how much extra energy is required to function simply because of the way they are eating…it makes sense that their patience and focus may be a problem, right?

You may be thinking to yourself, but my kids don’t eat that much protein.  That’s why it is necessary for you to take action in a new way…to create a shift.

More of the same creates more of the same.  I believe you are reading this for a reason, and there’s nothing wrong with you, rather there are some simply strategies that you haven’t tapped into yet to improve your family’s meals and see the benefit of more patience, calm and focus for your kids.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a shift in your family’s nutrition for a while and you’ve been wondering how fast you can see more energy, less arguments and better health for your family.

Maybe it’s time for us to explore working together too.

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