Programs & Services

We offer a variety of programs to meet you where you are today.  All of our programs provide the 3 key elements for successful change:

1) Receive step-by-step guidance through a proven holistic Strategy that has worked for hundreds of people – an instant time saver!

2) Stretch in Belief about what is possible which empowers you to catapult your health and happiness like you never imagined you could!

3) Loving Accountability  from someone who has been on the same journey, so you never feel alone again.  This is the kind of accountability that creates lifelong change!


20 Day Money Back Guarantee

All of our programs include a guarantee. Obviously you’ll want to participate by plugging into the program, but if you find that within the first 20 days you don’t absolutely love the work that we’re doing, and if you don’t see this as being exactly what you need to help move you closer towards your health goals, then not only do you not have to continue, but you will receive a full refund of every penny that you invested.


Vibrant Child 101 – The Quick Start Program

Option 1 – Online Self-study

You CAN create your expanded time and endless energy…and you DO NOT need to feel like the BAD COP in the family!!  The transformation you really want is closer than you think!

My Vibrant Child 101: The Quick Start Program will help you experience the benefits of effective communication, learn how to add an extra hour to your day for things you enjoy and finally create long-term health and happiness using keys to holistic health that NO ONE ever taught you.

It’s the family health education that no one ever gave you, finally revealed in easy to follow, real life tools you can use right away!!

 Create Your Vibrant Family!

Does your family 'TUNE YOU OUT?'  

Say Goodbye to ARGUMENTS and MELTDOWNS and hello to MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF and CLARITY on how best to support your child with my....

 FREE Starter Kit

Start seeing results today!!


Option 2 – LIVE with AMANDA

Join Amanda Hinman for this 7-step Exclusive LIVE online program ONLY offered when spots are available!

Work with Amanda directly through all 7 steps to create the BREAKTHROUGH you deserve in your family’s life.

You CAN create your expanded time and endless energy…and you DO NOT need to feel like the BAD COP in the family.

This is the Step-by-Step Implementation you’ve been looking for! Experience positive RESULTS in your life every day!  Create a transformation that you never thought possible in just weeks!

Vibrant Child 101 LIVE Program is your opportunity to work with Amanda directly and get her guidance and support!

It includes: Seven LIVE Q&A calls with Amanda, Online Training Videos, Exclusive Workbooks, 24/7 support in our Private FB Group and Huge Bonuses!!


Vibrant Health Private Coaching

Vibrant You Private Coaching is the world’s only Family Health education for parents that want to master their personal and family health! Better health equals a better life! In Vibrant You Private Coaching you get the expert guidance, shift in mindset,  and accountability to Master Your Health and then Create a Ripple Effect in others around you!  The key is your successful EXECUTION of strategies consistently and that’s what we focus on.

This is the ultimate experience of working directly with Amanda Hinman for 6 months!  When you are ready to create your Vibrant Life and Vibrant Child …and live your life by design, join me in private coaching!

To find out more about Vibrant You Private Coaching, email us at today or click on the button to schedule a call and find out if you are a fit!