Family Success Stories & Testimonials

“Having Amanda’s guidance has helped me identify with my own needs as well as our family’s. I make time to add in a yoga class more regularly. My kids LOVE that each one of them receive a big energy hug from me every morning. My husband too, he’s just as important. Jim and I go on a date night at least once a month and come together more regularly to discuss our family’s goals and even make a checklist. Practicing all this is what makes it become second nature and it’s a cycle that never ends. We can always improve and learn and listen to one another. As the kids grow so will their needs. I keep my notes and PDFs from Amanda handy as well as her book which fits nicely in my purse!

I have always been an optimistic person and we all know the challenges having small children. Before working with you, I felt like I was struggling to find that consistent positive outlook and knew I needed to refocus. And essentially modify or shift my own behavior. Then by utilizing the resources and tools you provided as well as our bi-monthly chats helped me do just that. I simply made (and still making) more of an effort to support our family to the best of my ability.

Significant improvements were made all-around the 7 steps really. I gained the knowledge in recognizing even more about nutrition than what we already practice, how people receive and give love differently (5 Love Languages), and saw an improvement in communication between me and my husband. He was willing to shift and refocus as well so our family’s energy was in a good place consistently, not just once in a while.

If any questions the value of working with you please have them reach out to me at or call 847-833-0008.” ~ Deanna A.

“I found Amanda at the exact time my family needed! We were going through a huge transition in our lives and I felt overwhelmed and completely out of control. The worst part was that my kids were picking up on my stress. Working with Amanda not only gave me confidence in being a mom, but she always had my back! I knew that every Thursday I was going to get to check in with my own personal cheerleader who never judged me or made me feel small for feeling the way I did.

Before working with her, my family’s diet and routine was a mess. I knew what I needed to do, but had no motivation to get things back on track. Amanda gave me simple tools to use every day to keep perspective and allowed me to add an extra hour to my day (magically 😀).

The greatest gifts I’ve received from the program are peace of mind, pride in my abilities and being able to openly communicate with my husband my needs and the needs of my kids. It is priceless knowing I can do it all. I can be super mom and not sacrifice my family’s needs. I’m proud of myself! That’s a huge gift I’ll never forget.” ~ Dr. Kim F. 

Dr. Katie Sleigh

“I am a mother of four young children (ages 11, 10, 9 and an 8 year old with special needs).  I also have a full-time job which is demanding and stressful.  To say I have struggled for years on how to find balance and find more joy–as well as time– with my family, is an understatement

I felt like the only communication I had with my children involved yelling, while being ignored all the time.  I was beyond frustrated, angry and basically at the end of my rope.  I worried that my children would grow up and only remember the yelling; I wanted them to have good memories.  I knew I wasn’t the mom I wanted and needed to be and something had to change.

My husband encouraged me to reach out and ask for help, which isn’t always easy for me because I thought it meant failure.  I almost felt embarrassed to admit that I needed help to become a better mother.  After listening to Amanda’s story I knew that this was the program for me and that I was ready to do the work needed to improve my relationship with my family and help my children be their best.

The Vibrant Child Program has helped me to identify how to improve my mind/body/spirit and, in turn, do the same for my family. I have a completely different mindset on how to effectively communicate with my family and have seen positive results in their responses.  I hardly raise my voice any more and I no longer feel like they are ignoring me but are actually listening.

I have learned what each of my children (and husband) needs to feel like they are loved and important and how to speak that language to them. They have also learned what I need to feel loved and special.

Amanda has helped me to not only identify goals but what steps I need to take to achieve them and to believe in the possibilities of those goals.   The information on nutrition and movement she shares has also helped me to think about food and exercise and their effects on our bodies in a new way.

The one on one conversations with Amanda are always the highlight of my day and help me feel energized and like anything is possible!  Her positive and uplifting energy really motivate me to stay on track and keep working the program.  I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with her and have her in my corner…she is amazing!!!

If any of this sounds remotely familiar and you are looking to make a positive change then this is the program for you. If you have any questions about the value of the program, please reach out to me @ or 773-294-0050.” ~ Julie B. 

“After almost 5 years of navigating my son’s sensitivity to dairy and gluten, we finally have an answer that both works AND makes sense! As a registered nurse, it is important to me to understand the science behind the choices I make for my kids’ health.  There’s no hocus pocus behind Amanda’s advice to the questions and concerns many parents face.  Amanda is now my SON’S hero, as he can tolerate gluten and dairy and feels great too!

In addition to dietary advice, she helped give my family some powerful tools to strengthen our family, be clear about the direction we are all moving in, and how to deal with very common struggles we parents experience.  Thank you for helping us learn to listen to our inner voice in a world that easily distracts you from it!”  ~ Jeannie L.

Working with Amanda has been a game changer for me. We hit the ground running from our first month together and haven’t looked back since.  Amanda is gifted in her ability to truly hear me, and pull out the common theme of what it is I’m communicating.   Her calm and charismatic approach helps me breathe when I feel chaotic and overwhelmed.  Her thoughtful and heartfelt feedback are purposeful and supportive, helping me reach new levels of success both personally and professionally. Since working together I have been able make more clear and confident decisions, connect more deeply to my family, and identify simpler approaches to what seems to be complicated problems.  I highly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking to improve the health of their family, life, and beyond.”  ~ Cat S.

“I was provided with insights and perspectives that were new and unique…   They were presented in a very practical, easy to understand and relatable manner.   I had many new revelations and “aha” moments as well as practical actions steps to try with my kids.   As a result, I am now better equipped at managing kids overstimulation, dealing with their tantrums, improving their diets and overall being a more patient and knowledgeable parent.   In addition,  I’ve had many revelations of my own with time to self-reflect and dig deep into our own lives and goals (an opportunity many of us, parents, don’t get often, given how busy our lives are).  

Before working with Amanda, I was working in a job that was very stressful and I realized it was affecting the energy I could provide for my family. Our coaching gave me clarity and allowed me to focus on action steps which ultimately created a new job opportunity. Now I am excited about my work and this has created a wonderful shift for my whole family. I am very grateful to Amanda for her passion and insight and highly recommend others to work with her.“ ~ Janice V.

“Amanda presents sometimes complex issues in an easy to understand and fun way. Her enthusiasm and confidence in the information is so motivational. Before working with Amanda I did not always realize what my kids needed and why.  Now, I understand and can modify our behavior to reduce stress.  The most significant improvement has been to have more family time and less structure which makes us all happier.  My daughter is less anxious and I am able to be reflective, empathize better and also be confident in my decisions about my kids which makes them feel loved.” ~ Stacey G.

Kris G.

Allen V.

Megan W.

“Amanda helped me and my husband feel empowered. We continue to make positive choices and changes to our family system that improve the quality of our lives!   She has challenged us to take a look at different aspects of our lives and examine how we can improve or continue doing what works.  Amanda has been encouraging, supportive, helpful, and thought provoking.

Prior to working with Amanda, we did not have a feeling of peace in our household.  We were feeling run down, defeated, and helpless when it came to managing our family schedule, our emotions with each other and our kids, and just feeling at a loss of how to get ahead without always feeling run down.  The 3 most significant improvements since working with Amanda and her Vibrant Health programs are:  improved communication between us and our kids, increased energy levels, and structuring our days and nights to create a good balance of getting responsibilities done and also enjoying fun quality time together. 

I highly recommend making this investment in yourself and your family, you won’ t regret it!  I’m happy to talk to anyone who is considering working with Amanda to answer any questions.” ~ Debbie M.

Amanda’s guidance and support has given me the confidence to believe in myself again!  Since working together, Amanda has helped me work through my insecurities and helped me develop the confidence and strength needed to make changes in my life. Before working with Amanda, I felt overwhelmed, unmotivated and was struggling to follow through on things.

By utilizing the tools and resources from the program as well as our coaching sessions, I have developed a better understanding of myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually and see positive changes.  My family is eating healthier meals, my son even tries new foods!  I have started to workout again and feel more energized.  Even though it’s difficult sometimes, I am talking more openly with my husband and we understand each other better.

Amanda is very caring and uses her positive energy and knowledge to empower me to realize what is truly important in my life. I am now open to discover new things about myself and have learned how to be honest with my feelings and not push them away. I have better clarity and confidence which allow me to be more positive and present.  I am very grateful to Amanda for her insight and support and highly recommend others to work with her.” ~ Stacy B. 

“In 2016 my family was stuck in a rut. All five of us were angry, depressed and stressed. Around that time my wife met Amanda and learned about her program and the coaching that she provided. Debbie felt so strongly about the program that I knew there was no way I could say no. I was pretty burned out at the time but I went into it with an open mind.

As we went through the online modules I was so impressed with Amanda’s insight. There was so much useful information. I can’t believe how much I learned. She also shared lessons that they had learned from their ups and downs over the years. I really respected her willingness to be completely honest and transparent.

As a coach she has been amazing. She is a great listener. She helps us come up with solutions to our problems. She celebrates our achievements. And I never feel judged.

There have been so many benefits to myself and my family. Amanda showed us the importance of self care. Before we were both trying to do everything. We were miserable and weren’t doing ourselves or anyone else any good. She helped us put together a schedule where each of us gets 2-3 nights to choose how we spend our time. This puts us in a better state of mind and allows us to have higher quality, less stressful time with the kids.

She showed us the importance of not neglecting each other and doing nice things for each other. Before we just focused on getting everything done and just getting through the day. Now we have scheduled date nights and we make a regular effort to show our love for each other. This has been better for us and better for the kids.

Before, I would try to work through the whole day (9-10 hours) without a break. By mid to late afternoon I was a zombie. And by the time I got home I was pretty much brain dead. I felt that taking time for myself over lunch to meditate and/or nap was unacceptable. She taught me to give myself permission to take a break during the day. Now my afternoons are so much better. I am engaged, focused and am enjoying my work so much more. 

I feel that Amanda is a great coach and inspiring teacher and that any family having a hard time could benefit from working with her. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to talk to them. I can be contacted at“~ Mike M.

“I am so happy to share following your advice about love languages helped me with my son.  He is nearing 12, and was less happy and connect to me.  I took a pause and tried to decipher his love language.  It wasn’t that hard once I tried.  I noticed a pattern that he would ask for me to read to him every night before bed, and make time for it, even making space for me on his bed.  And if I was too busy doing dishes or other work, he would be sad.  The other love language was easy – my son has always basked in our hugs and cuddles.

I kicked off 2017 with a commitment to read to him at least ten minutes every single night, and to give him lots of hugs and kisses.  It has transformed our relationship.  He now wants to talk to me about his school day and asks about mine.  He is happy to hold my hand and gives me more hugs and kisses than ever.  Most importantly, he is happy.  So am I!” ~ Sunday T.

“Thank you so much.  I absolutely love the insight you share.  It felt like I was part of a casual (but brilliant!) conversation among friends.  Along the way I stopped to absorb, and check in with how things aligned with what my family was doing and not doing.  This information gave my husband and me a lot of ideas and information to help us continue to work towards.  There is no one answer, there is no quick fix.  And it is has helped us to have a more clear path on our journey as parents of two wonderful, unique little souls.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom with us!  ~ Lindsay S.

“When I started working with Amanda I seemingly had it all together on the outside, but on the inside I was crumbling. I have a beautiful family and security in my life, but I was wrought with so many fears and doubts. I wasn’t able to live and love life to the fullest, I wasn’t loving myself to the fullest, and I was cheating myself and my family of joy and gratitude we should have been sharing together each and everyday.

Amanda taught me to think differently which lead to looking at life and myself differently. She allowed me to discover things about myself at my own pace while still challenging me to step out of my comfort zone, set goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. In the moment, the changes were subtle, but looking back they were extraordinary and have lead me to a new home, better physical and mental health, the strength to quit my job and begin the journey to figure out what truly makes me happy professionally, and most importantly be present in my daily life with my family in a way that makes me feel whole, and makes me a better wife, mother and friend.

The program is a winning combination of support and accountability delivered through one on one sessions, group sessions, and self guided tools and resources always at your fingertips. I loved learning about our biology and physiology and how we are wired to think and react certain ways. Understanding that gave me the tools I need to take control of my responses and reactions, and in the end take control of my life.

I’m fortunate to know Amanda and to have experienced first hand how beneficial her program can be for anyone in any situation…and I say that because I’m not even sure in the beginning I knew what my “situation” was. But together we began digging and understanding and eventually rewiring my behaviors and thought processes that were holding me back. Her passion to help and her ability to connect with people is both comforting and encouraging, and her knowledge and wisdom is healing. I hope many people after me have the opportunity to take this journey with her.”~ Elyse C.

“Hey lovely lady! I was thinking about something you taught me a while back and how eye opening it was for me. It was about our own personal anxieties and how when we are deep in them our children will reflect them. That happened this past winter. I had some health issues and was really worried about it and then noticed my youngest daughter had some compulsive behavior changes. You helped me take a step back and notice how I’m feeling. Since I have been supported and gotten to a better place and she has too. I love what I’m learning from you!” ~ Jaime R. 

“Amanda guides others to feed their body and treat their body, but what makes a larger impact is how she feeds their soul.  Amanda’s uplifting and vibrant energy can conquer any fear.  She proceeds to find ways to empower others to be their full potential.  With all my heart, I would recommend Amanda to those wanting to find themselves in a new light and renew their perspective of their inner and outer world.” ~ Marina T.

“Vibrant Child is a must for ALL parents.  Amanda dedicates her life and business to helping parents support their children through difficulties and in life.  I truly believe her message, should be in every parent’s home.  She demystifies the root causes for the toughest challenges moms face today.  Taking it a step further she shows you how to support your family and revolutionizes parenting to focus on the whole health, the whole family and whole life model that we all so deeply desire.” – Jessica S. 

“I think it’s great you share this information for parents that are looking for education on how to help their children live a happier and more vibrant life.

You have had a big impact on my life and have helped me look at things in a different perspective.  Your insight is very helpful and is easy to understand…like listening in on an interesting conversation.” – Jennifer C., MD – Midwest Center for Women’s Healthcare

I am insanely impressed with the high quality and helpful information you share.  I will not only be referring to it again and again and to work through these steps in our lives, but I would recommend this as a resource to every family I know!  I think it is phenomenal.” ~ Courtney D.

“I always feel uncomfortable sharing my feelings with others and even thinking about them myself, but working with Amanda has allowed me to see the value in opening up.  It’s uncomfortable, but I’m doing it because she holds me accountable.  Since being able to open up I feel like a weight as been lifted!  I’m calmer and more empowered to handle situations as they arise because she has equipped me with tools I can use.  She’s helped me make so many connections to how my reactions impact the results of situations and affect others around me.

Before working with Amanda, I was really at the end of my rope and completely stressed out; I felt completely powerless to change any of my circumstances.  Then after working with her and going through the courses, I have guidance and definitely more confidence.   Now, I look at everything in a different perspective. This clarity continues to change my life and my family’s life as I work on the tools.”~ Melissa L.


“Thank you Amanda for creating your Vibrant Child Program!  I absolutely love learning this valuable information and appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with me.  Now I realize how important it is to stick with simple holistic habits to maintain our family’s health and you gave me practical ways to do it.  This program has already had a big impact on me and my family.”  ~ Paula S.


Dawn’s family was struggling last year.  Her husband and she felt chronically overwhelmed and exhausted.  Her daughter was struggling with depression and her son with ADD, she felt like she didn’t have any time for ourselves and there was so much unhappiness in our family.  There were things she and her husband wanted to do with their kids and couldn’t get it together.

Their coaching calls helped them to get really clear on what steps to focus on.  They received incredible perspective on what is possible…perspective that goes well beyond what they had previously come up with on our own. 

Now we are empowered and connected as a family.  Their kids are happy and they feel settled.  They even set up a schedule of self-care and share how good it feels to know there is time every week to read a book, go for a bike ride, or even to sleep!

As a result, their kids have become invested in their own health.  Even when they roll their eyes at first, they understand how much better they feel.  Her daughter, who was really struggling before, now enjoys going for bike rides or walking the dog because she knows how much being active helps her.  Dawn feels free because her son now plays independently for an hour or two, when before we could never leave him alone.  But there’s a benefit that is so much more important than all of that.  Her kids are now experiencing what health and happiness really is.  Dawn shared she didn’t think they could have even recognized what they would’ve missed out on.  Seeing her kids feel empowered and proud…. is her greatest achievement.


Ellen could barely keep up with her life.  She felt like she was always running under a fire drill, between driving to her kids’ activities, working and all of the other things that go along with managing life.  She wasn’t surprised when was late to pick up my daughter from soccer practice because she missed the email about schedule change.  It was just the way her life was.

The hardest part was that she felt exhausted all the time.  It was hard to think clearly and focus and she didn’t have energy.  Ellen’s husband and she had wanted to move for many years, but the idea of looking for a new house, packing up our house and then moving was too overwhelming.

However, after just a couple of months of coaching she felt supported, had strategies and a routine that allowed her to feel in control of her life.  In fact, things felt so good they decided to list their house and found their dream house in a week!  Within 1 month her family moved into a neighborhood with amazing friends, she successfully transferred her kids to a school they love and did it all with support and so much more ease than she thought possible before.

Jennifer had been making do with her life and her job for so many years.  She knew she wasn’t happy in her career anymore and started to realize how much it was affecting the way she showed up as a mom, a wife, a friend…it affected who she was.

We worked together to empower her with strategies to clarify what she deeply desired in life.  She discovered some key distinctions about her relationships, her passion and how she wanted to spend her time to be a role model for her kids.  Once she identified these things she was able take action in the new direction.

This energized Jennifer and had an impact on her family as well.  She had more patience and less frustration with her kids, I she was appreciative of her husband’s support too.  Jennifer was able to remain calm when her son had angry outbursts and realized this helped his temper subside in time.  The best part was in less than 6 months she applied and received an amazing job as a new CFO of a non-for-profit.  The work is so meaningful and has been a game changer in her life!

Maria’s son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 2.  She and her husband were devastated and determined to find a way so that he could heal and didn’t have to live with steroid medication for life.  After discovering the possibility for healing and the power of simple healthy habits they had the confidence to believe it was possible to change his health for good and the step by step support to make it happen!  So happy to share he is now completely healthy with no sign of Crohn’s!

Beth son’s anxiety used to be a daily issue.  Getting him to school in the morning was really tough because he was so worried about everything and she used to have so many fights, because she was irritated and couldn’t understand why he was so upset.  She felt guilty too, like somehow she wasn’t doing the best she could for him because he was so anxious.

I am so grateful for your help!  Now I understand what was going on inside his body and it’s amazing how when I started to have less guilt about his behavior his anxiety seemed to melt away.  We are a completely different family now because of working with you!

Kristin was exhausted and uncertain because she didn’t understand why her daughter was so sensitive and had trouble remembering things.  She was annoyed by how she always seemed to trigger some type of meltdown with her daughter and she had no time for herself.  Once Kristin discovered how she could shift the way she communicated and enjoy more peaceful interactions she realized how she could reduce time wasted arguing and consoling her daughter.  She also created a self-care routine to start her day on a positive note and noticed how this has a ripple effect on her family.  What’s best, is she understands why her daughter was so upset and knows how to support her.  Every month their lives continue to get easier.

When Karen first started working with me 6 months ago she didn’t know how to support her son or her husband.  At the time her son was very anxious about school and her husband was constantly taking Claritin and Afrin because he had such aggravating allergies.

Through our journey of working together Karen realized how much more confident she felt when we understood why her son had a hard time concentrating and learning to read in school.  She discovered how helpful it was for him to start the day with a breakfast that contained protein so he could focus easier.  She started to make changes in the way she ate and learned simple ways to reduce extra stimulation and stress and was amazed when her husband started to do this too.

As a result she now smiles when her son eats scrambled eggs for breakfast and they talk about what he is looking forward to in the day ahead.  She can’t believe that her husband is now allergy free!