How Sue transformed her health

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Your message of inspiration today is about how much you can improve your health once you are willing to get help putting the right approach in place…

…like Sue’s amazing transformation in improving her anxiety, aches and pains in her joints, sense of empowerment with nutrition or overall hormone balance.  

Watch me interview her about how she did it:

Here is some of what Sue shared in her video:

“My experience working with you has been absolutely wonderful! Definitely, exceeded my expectations. Going into our work, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t think I could have known the knowledge I have gained and how good I would feel about my health.”

Before our work together Sue was certain that she wanted to find someone to support her in improving her health. She was struggling with mood swings, hot flashes, feeling bloated, significant stiffness and joint pain as well as struggles with weight and imbalanced hormones.

Sue had been in contact with her doctors yet knew she needed something more because she wasn’t experiencing the results she wanted. She considered working with a nutritionist, or a personal trainer and then met me and said “Amanda fit the bill of everything I needed.”

It is very important to Sue to understand the medications she was taking and what was going on in her body so she can make the right adjustments.

She goes on to explain ” your approach of explaining things, giving slides and videos and then making small adjustments that I was comfortable with in small increments is great. It wasn’t overwhelming and I feel so much better!”

Congratulations Sue!!

Now Sue feels better and has gained incredible appreciation for herself. The beautiful thing is that now that she feels better, it is easier for her to appreciate all of her relationships so her family and friends are impacted too.

She feels clear and confident with ways to improve her nutrition and maintain this great health. Sue created a 65% improvement in her symptoms in just 5 months!

The truth is, health transformation doesn’t happen by itself. Problem is, those who need a shift in their health the most are usually those who run as far away as they can when it’s time to discover new ways of eating and self-care to improve their health, or who at the very least, put the idea of healthy changes on the back burner (sometimes even for years).

This changes radically when you get the support and guidance you need to make these changes effectively and even enjoy the process! That’s what I do with my private clients.

This interview is so exciting for me…because it is just so moving for me to witness this kind of transformation, again and again. Its life changing for women I coach as well as everyone in their family, because it works.

The stories I share are inspiring, yes. These women have done extraordinary things, it’s true.

Schedule a call, just to chat about what might be possible for you. I am here to help, never to pressure you into something that isn’t wholehearted yes for you.

It just may be the beginning of an incredible shift for you like it was for Sue and many others.

Much love,


P.S. – Here’s the link to set up a time to chat. It’s free and there’s no pressure and nothing to lose. Go for it. xoxo