The Benefits of Fermented Foods

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Try this healthy snack…It’s tasty and improves your family’s health.

It feels great to serve an after school snack that your kids like to eat and you feel good because of how healthy it is!  If you’re thinking to yourself, yeah right.  Then perhaps you haven’t tried this.

This week, Tamara Mannelly, from real food blog joins us to share a recipe so easy, your kids can make it.  Our girls do and even better they love eating them!

In today’s video Tamara demonstrates how to make fermented vegetables.  She uses carrots in the video but remember this can be substituted for green beans, cauliflower, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, radishes, etc.

The reason fermented foods are so beneficial to eat is because of the fact that they contain trillions of probiotics.  Probiotics are microscopic organisms that are necessary for all people to maintain healthy gut bacteria balance.

Did you know the average adult has 2 ½-4 lbs. of bacteria in their gut lining at all times?  And the balance of probiotic (good) vs. pathogenic (bad) bacteria is constantly changing.  There are many things that disrupt balance of good bacteria in your gut and these are things that all of us experience, including stress (both internal and external), drinking chlorinated water, taking antibiotics, eating conventional meat and dairy that contain trace amounts of antibiotics, eating highly processed sugary foods, also delivering a baby from C-section or formula feeding.

Many years ago Santiago Ramon y Cajal discovered complex neural networks in the lining of the gut and recently science has made the connection between gut health and brain health.

In fact in the book Your Third Brain: The Revolutionary Discovery to Achieve Optimum Health by Peter Greenlaw and Marco Ruggiero, MD they put forth the following:

“It may sound strange but our behavior, our mental states, our feelings are not born inside our heads, but rather inside our guts where the majority of microbes reside.”

As one of the keynote Speakers at the 2015 Autism One Conference, Peter Greenlaw shared the direct link between Autism and health gut bacteria.  Look for next week’s e-zine for more information and a clip from our interview with Peter.

As far as making fermented foods, it’s fun to get creative and make different combinations using fresh herbs and some dried seasonings to taste.  Some of the combinations we have made in our house include:

  • Carrots and radishes with garlic and dill
  • Green beans with peppercorns and parsley
  • Cucumbers with garlic and dill
  • Cauliflower, celery, carrots, and jalapeno’s with parsley
  • Shredded cabbage with carrots, onions, pepper and garlic
  • Brussels Sprouts with garlic and thyme

What new fermented recipe are you going to try?  For more recipes be sure to check out Tamara’s website at



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