The One Nutrient That Can Reduce Your Stress and Allergies

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Reduce allergies, anxiety and sensory over stimulation with this important nutrient.

We were shocked to discover that this important nutrient was a key player in healing two of my daughters (1 had seizures and 1 had eczema) as well as Mike’s anxiety and allergies and my auto-immune condition.

Are you surprised that one nutrient can do all that?  We were until working with Registered Nutritionist Karen Hurd.

Find out the missing link in most people’s diet here….

As Karen explains in the video soluble fiber is so important because it is necessary to clear all fat soluble waste from our bodies.  Did you know our liver is an organ that creates bile which carries all excess hormones, toxins and metabolic waste inside our body.

A helpful analogy is to think of a garbage truck.  We put out our garbage to the curb each week expecting it to be removed.  Just like our liver puts all the garbage from our blood supply into bile.   When you eat consistent and frequent amounts of soluble fiber it works just like the weekly garbage pickup.

However, if there is not enough fiber in our foods, then bile (which holds all the garbage) gets recycled back into the blood supply.  Imagine how pleasant your house would be if the garbage man brought the garbage back inside your house.

Karen mentions how when our hormones keep getting dumped back into our blood supply many problems come up.  This is at the root of anxiety, seizures, allergies, inflammation and so much more.

The best source of soluble fiber is legumes or beans.  Any type of bean works…black beans, kidney, garbanzo, lentil, cannellini, you pick!

What type of bean will you add to your family’s nutrition this week?  Let us know.  You’ll be surprised how many kids love beans and serving a side of canned beans is super easy.  🙂

With love and gratitude,

– Mike & Amanda