This was a sad truth for me 8 years ago

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It feels like a situation in which you have no control over (you hear the results of recent labwork…recognize a disturbing symptom again…feel unsettled because you just can’t shake this intuitive sense that something is off), but in reality you are experiencing a tremendous gift from your body.

Some people will “see” this gift and some will not.

And while this can be hard to recognize in the moment, passively accepting the quick fix medications or procedures are counter productive when it comes to cultivating knowledge and a sense of empowerment that comes with fully understanding how to live with Vibrant health.

Abdication over our personal health is ubiquitous in our culture. However, when we tap into a larger truth we can see that everyone is divinely capable of enjoying consistent energy, clear focus, good sleep, delicious food and unlimited potential to contribute in this world.

Yep!  Even those who struggle with an auto-immune condition, mental illness or other health challenge.  When we succumb to the candy of a quick fix, we are diminishing our body’s innate intelligence, inner authority and ultimately, causing separation and erosion of trust in our body.

While the stakes of this seem small when it’s just a quick pain reliever or glass of wine to take the edge off, this can lead to really negative repercussions when these little inconveniences turn into big problems.

A body that has been ignored and not received adequate awareness will only continue to give us bigger and louder signals.

However, when acknowledgement, education and adjustments to life choices are established early, there is an unshakeable confidence and sense of peace that comes from knowing your health is not based on the luck of inheriting good genes.

Even when things get hard.  It is possible to transform your health.

Clearly, we are charged with caring for this vessel of a body that we were born into.  It is with us for life and can either act as a gateway to living our incredible dreams or an uncomfortable and inescapable shackle weighing us down.

I’ve learned this is far more effectively done through intentional education, encouraging inspiration and loving accountability than the old “this is the way life is” mindset that most of us were raised with when a health challenge came up.

When my auto-immune condition kicked into gear, I was a HUGE fan of the idea of holistic health and discovering what the root cause was.  However, I tried to make changes to my nutrition, adjustments to my sleep and additions to the supplements I was taking.

I personally loved this approach because it made me feel like other people were way worse at this health thing than I was, and I wasn’t particularly confident in my knowledge at this time.

I implemented doctors recommendations with gusto.  Or so I thought.

I switched to gluten free bread
I starting taking digestive enzymes
I considered ways to reduce my stress levels (even if I didn’t have time to implement them)

The deal was my immune system was supposed to get stronger and I would see the results on lab tests in 3 months.

I knew this method wasn’t going to work the day my doctor told me he had never seen antibody numbers that high before.

I had taken the actions robotically while feeling deprived, and it didn’t have the impact of improving my health.

The key is to learn to create healthy shifts in your lifestyle that feel GOOD.  To see and understand that your body is always communicating with you and is serving your highest good.  When you are willing to own your emotional judgments around how you GET to choose to live with Vibrant health, you can be in a powerful cooperative relationship with your body.

Quick fixes will sometimes (rarely) be necessary.  So save them for when they count.

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