Do you treat yourself? Here’s why it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY…

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Ever had the experience of trying to have a calm conversation with your child, feeling so frustrated that you couldn’t just remain patient..

Only to have a perfectly logical explanation for why you two ended up in an argument?  It’s an interesting feeling, yes?

There’s definitely relief that there’s an explanation for your inability to stay cool, mixed with feelings of frustration at yourself for not having better control of your emotions (and if you’re like me, maybe some remorse for secretly blaming your child for being the irrational one.)

Self-Care is the Game Changer for Your Child’s Health

When you make it a priority to take care of yourself, you have the ability to live every day with energy.  And energy is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to be curious and patient with your child.

Imagine, if you never had blow-ups.

What would life be like if you simply wondered why your child felt the way they did and patiently discovered how to relate to them?  

It’s a lot easier to discover what’s most supportive when you fully understand the other person’s feelings and needs.

Some self-care habits that have helped me are:

  • 10 minute morning meditation
  • 10 minute afternoon break to lay in bed and close my eyes
  • Call a close friend I haven’t talked to in a while
  • Tell someone in my life why I appreciate them
  • 10 minute yoga sun salutations before school pickup
  • Reading before bed to unwind and get a full night’s sleep
  • Walk the dog
  • Listen to motivational talk or audio book
  • Journaling

Here’s the deal….

A lack of priority for yourself you feel on the inside will always be reflected back to you on the outside.  And this has an impact on your child’s emotional and physical health.

Considering parents have the largest influence on their kids, I’m certain you want to mindful of the example you want to teach your child.

This is not something you can “kinda sorta” agree with.

If you think….sure, I ‘kinda sorta’ think I should make time for self-care, then I can already tell you what the outcome of that decision will be…

….probably not the outcome you want.

I get it… we have been taught to give to others first, to do onto others as we would have them do to us.  BUT this can’t happen if we don’t have any energy to give.

Sometimes, we need permission to truly place ourselves at the top of the list.

Here is your permission….treat yourself to self-care because it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the well-being of your family!

It’s time to cultivate the CONVICTION and COMMITMENT to follow through on your decision to prioritize self-care because you recognize the value it has for everyone in your family.

So how will you carve out at least 10 minutes today to treat yourself?

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