Vibrant Child 101

— The Quickstart Program —


The Family Health education that no one else is teaching.

You CAN create unshakable confidence and vibrant health…and you DO NOT need to feel like the BAD COP in the family in order for this to work for you! 

The Transformation you really want is closer than you think…

It’s about:

• Finally creating the clarity and confidence in how best to support your child that no one ever taught you…so you can stop feeling guilty.

• It’s learning how to add an extra hour into each day for things you enjoy instead of wasting time with arguments and meltdowns.

• Finally experiencing the benefits of effective communication so you no longer feel like your family tunes you out!

• It’s about finding out WHY what you’ve been doing isn’t working…and learn WHAT to do instead, so you can create a family life you LOVE and are thrilled to live in!

“I was provided with insights and perspectives that were new and unique…They were  presented in a very practical, easy to understand and relatable manner. I had many new revelations and “aha” moments as well as practical action steps to try with my kids. As a result, I am now better equipped at managing kids over-stimulation, dealing with tantrums, improving their diets and overall being a more patient and knowledgeable parent. I am very grateful to Amanda for her passion and insight and highly recommend this to others.”

— Janice Vaysberg

This program is for you if…

• You are a mom who loses sleep at night because you’re worried about your child and you want to have more laughs and less worry.

• You are a mom who feels like there is never enough time and you want to discover how to have more energy and patience.

• You are a mom that is frustrated because your family ‘tunes you out’ and you want to discover a way to have your family hear you!

• You are a mom that has a healthy and happy family life and want to take it to the next level!

“It does not have to be difficult to transform your family’s life! Easy simple steps, taken consistently can create a snowball affect!”

I know it may sound crazy to you, but trust me when I say…


Think about it. Have you ever experienced something like this?

• You wake up and realize you overslept by 20 minutes. You try and rush your child to get dressed for school which leads to an argument and both of you start the day off on a bad note.

• Then, later in the day everyone’s patience is wearing thin and your child complains about dinner and you almost lose your lid!

• By the time your day is wrapping up you’re exhausted and can’t wait to plop on the couch with your favorite chocolate cake and episode of Scandal.

Sound familiar?

One action is ALWAYS triggering the other! It’s one of the most powerful dynamics in life!

And it’s not just your sleep habits. It’s how you nourish your body, the way you balance your downtime and activity…the way you focus your beliefs.

All we are doing in the Vibrant Life 101 program is teaching you the tools and strategies that really work to LEVERAGE this dynamic of actions…shift YOUR piece of influence on your child, so you can lead by example, and start the snowball of simple healthy habits that create BIG results!


And it all starts with YOU!

Sweetie, as a mom you will do anything for your child, BUT the truth is you need this for YOU! It’s the only way to Support Your Family and Love Your Life!


As you go through these seven steps, you’re going to feel the transformation into a COMPLETELY new quality of life. One that’s filled with release, freedom, peace and self-love!

EMPOWER yourself with the tools and strategies to create the best support that is unique to your family.

IMPROVE your quality of life by figuring out what you REALLY want and how to get it!

DISCOVER what it’s truly like to “have it all” when it comes to your family’s health and happiness.

Be the Hero! This resource was put in front of YOU for a reason!

You will always be your child’s parent and you will always want the best for them.

Getting Family Health Education is not an optional piece if you want to create unshakeble confidence and vibrant health for your family! You can learn this now, or do the work later, but you can’t skip it!

One More Thing…

If you and your partner are on different pages about how to support your family right now – DON’T go to your partner and suggest this program for them.

After helping hundreds of people, here’s what I know…

When families are in a stressful place, anything you suggest to change another person’s current patterns and habits will be met with resistance and defensiveness. It will actually be counter-productive to the outcome you really want!

It’s time for you, and you alone, to take action. As you transform over the 7 steps in this course your family will begin to see how different things are with you. Then as you are consistent doing the work, and continuing to grow and change, your partner and your child come to BELIEVE things will be different!

Talking about change doesn’t work anymore – you must demonstrate the change, over time, with consistency!

That is the most effective strategy to change your life for the long-term, and that is exactly what this program is designed to give you.

“Working with Amanda has been game changer for me. We hit the grounding running from our first month together haven’t looked back since. Amanda is uniquely gifted in her ability to truly hear me, and pull out the common theme of what it is I’m communicating. Her calm and charismatic approach helps me breathe when I feel chaotic and overwhelmed. Her thoughtful and heartfelt feedback are purposeful and supportive, helping me reach new levels of success both personally and professionally. Since working together I have been able to make more clear and confident decisions, connect more deeply to my family, and identify simpler approaches to what seems to be complicated problems. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking to improve the health of their family, life and beyond.”

— Cat Stancik

What does the Vibrant Life 101 Quickstart Program include?

7 Training Videos

Receive step-by-step support as Amanda walks you through a proven holistic process. Just fire up your laptop or mobile device and start learning – an instant time saver!

7 Exclusive Workbooks

Don’t get overwhelmed with information overload. Get targeted strategies and tools to easily apply in YOUR life, so you can experience lifelong transformations!

Special Benefits of Becoming a Student

Private Members Site

Convenient access and organization of all your videos, worksheets and bonuses, so you always have what you need at your fingertips.

Private Facebook Group

Get 24/7 support, encouragement and accountability from your tribe! Share your insights and ask questions in a private group filled with people who are on the same journey as you. You’ll learn not only from the questions you ask, but from the questions of your fellow group members.

Sign up today and receive this incredible bonus!

Deconstruct Your Cravings Program
(Value $97)

Say goodbye to feeling powerless over your food cravings so you can take control of your health! Watch as Amanda and Mike guide you through deconstructing your cravings video training!

Are you ready to get started?

Enroll today for immediate access to this life-changing program and receive your special bonuses!


Transforming Your Life is Easier Than You Think!

We have a proven system that breaks it all down for you in 7 simple steps!

SEE How You Prioritize Health

• Design your vision for your ‘ultimate healthy and happy family!’

• Get clarity on what the healthy family and healthy YOU really looks like…your future by design!

• Get strategic about how to get from where you are now to where you want to go!

FEED Your Family Well

• Experience a shift in perspective that transforms how you see the way food impacts your family’s health and happiness! After this, you will never see food the same way again!

• Free yourself from the beliefs that hold you back from the health you desire!

• It’s the shift in perspective that allows you to implement the tools and strategies to come.

LOVE Your Family Unconditionally

• Find out that each person in your family feels loved in their own unique way.

• Learn the key tool to navigate any difficult conversation successfully so that it brings you closer instead of tearing you apart.

Understand and appreciate the differences in your family’s approach to happiness like never before (including the things that used to drive you CRAZY!)

SLEEP Yourself to Health

• Learn how to feel balanced and calm AND create that environment for your family.

Create a simple routine to support yourself both physically and emotionally, so life is easier.

• Genuinely feel like you understand what’s going on inside your body, so you know how to help.

MOVE for Fun

• Learn how to naturally enjoy being active so it’s something you look forward to!

• Discover what unique type of activity is best for each person.

Bring back the playfulness, fun and energy into your family!

BELIEVE it is Possible

• Learn the key elements that shape your beliefs so you can create new beliefs to propel your life forward where you want it to go.

• Create a rock solid platform for growing your family’s positive expectation and gratitude.

• Experience a heightened level of confidence and see how it positively affects your child.

Cleanse Your Family’s Stress

Get unstuck from the pattern of “over responsibility” that is sucking the fun out of your family’s life.

Learn the strategies to “add more creativity into your life” even with the kids, the work and all the stuff going on!

Recommit and declare anew to consistently taking action to create your Vibrant Life!

YES! Help me transform my family!



“After almost 5 years of navigating my son’s sensitivity to dairy and gluten, we finally have an answer that both works AND makes sense! As a registered nurse, it is important to me to understand the science behind the choices I make for my kids’ health. There’s no hocus pocus behind Amanda’s advice to the questions and concerns many parents face. Amanda is now my SON’S hero, as he can tolerate gluten and dairy and feels great too!

In addition to dietary advice, she helped give my family some powerful tools to strengthen our family, be clear about the direction we are all moving in, and how to deal with very common struggles we parents experience. Thank you for helping us learn to listen to… our inner voice in a world that easily distracts you from it!”

— Jeannie Leonard

Meet Amanda

Amanda Hinman is the founder of the Hinman Holistic Health Institute, Ltd. and creator of The Vibrant Child Health Method, the world’s only Family Health studies program for moms who want to master their family’s health and happiness and live a Vibrant Life.

A nationally recognized author, Amanda is a sought-after family health expert, passionate and engaging speaker and media guest and has been featured in Huffington Post, Natural Awakenings, Aspire Magazine, Inspired Conversations on OmTimes Radio and various guest blogs and Podcasts. She was trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by Joshua Rosenthal and has over 17 years’ experience in the fitness and nutrition industries.

Stepping out of the old health paradigm of parent’s settling for living a life full or overwhelm and exhaustion, Amanda empowers moms with tools & strategies to transform not only their child’s health and self-confidence, but INCREASE their own health and happiness too!

My Story of Transformation…

If we had met years ago you would probably think I look the same. The same hair length, same body shape and the same smile to greet you. I appeared to have it all together as the President of the Parent Teach Council at my daughters’ school, the parent volunteer for the gymnastics team, the mom who hosted Halloween parties and girls’ nights. However, my feelings on the inside were often a different story. I felt frustrated almost daily when my family ‘tuned me out’. The truth is my husband and I were more like roommates than lovers. I was exhausted and starting to feel resentful that there was no time left for me.

(Remember the example above about waking up late, rushing through the morning routine with frustrated kids and ending the day crashing on the couch with chocolate and TV? That was my regular routine!)

The truth is I rarely slowed down enough to notice how I felt.

And then my worst nightmare as a mom happened.

It was a rainy afternoon in April. The weather outside the hospital room window mirrored my despair as I listened to the pediatric neurologist explain why my 8 year-old daughter needed a seizure medication with 4 pages of possible negative side effects. I felt sick to my stomach. I looked over to see my daughter’s petite silhouette laying in the hospital bed, her body completely drained in the aftermath of her fourth seizure. My stomach clenched in knots and my head swirled.

I had been unknowingly role-modeling for my daughter how to “do everything right” at the expense of listening to my body. I focused on others perceptions, rather than my own well-being. She followed my example when her anxious thoughts increased to the point of causing seizures.

The next four months were a roller-coaster. I lived like a jack-n-the-box alternating between feeling hopeful we had found something to help my daughter and then completely devastated as her seizures intensified. I sought out second opinions, made drastic changes to our families’ diet, took her to a chiropractor and a therapist. Every fiber in my being was fighting to rebuild her health. However, the flurry of action wasn’t having the impact I’d hoped for. She continued to have seizures, now as many as 10-15 in a day. She was taking 4 different seizures medications, (12 pills a day) and I no longer recognized my once passionate and witty girl, as she was now distant and lethargic, side-effects from the mediations.

You can judge me if you want for what happened next…

But I had ZERO energy left to do anything more for my daughter. I was so focused on doing everything I could for her and I was exhausted, so I did the only thing I could think of at that time…I enrolled in a coaching program for myself. Yes I did. I made the decision to invest in me.

With determination and certainty that I needed to feel better so that I could be a better mom for our daughters, I stood in my power and told Mike that I needed to make this investment in myself. Ironically it came at a time when our future was completely uncertain. Mike made the decision to step away from his career in the financial markets because of how stress was impacting his health and our daughter was still on four seizures medications.


I’d heard the saying before a million times….you have to fill your own cup before you can give to others your love. Yes, it is a cliché and it is SO true. I had to get to the place where I had no more energy left in me and then something switched. I was able to step back and realize that all of my efforts weren’t having the affect I was hoping for. Something needed to change.

The amazing thing was, once I embraced it, doing something for me felt ENERGIZING! I became inspired. I looked forward to the time I was spending learning new perspectives, discovering how to release some of my rigid judgements and soften. I let go of underlying resentment I felt when previously my kids and my husband seemed to ‘tune me out’ and learned how to communicate effectively. This new way of living allowed me to stop wasting time with arguments and meltdowns and find time for things I’m passionate about. Most importantly, I reconnected with my own motherly intuition and was able to understand what my daughter needed to heal.

This had a HUGE impact on my family. It wasn’t a magic bullet, and yet it was an enjoyable steady wave of momentum that continued to gently guide as we started sharing more moments of laughter, fun and relaxation together.

As a few months passed we noticed changes in the way we felt. My daughter started to be able to wean off her seizure medication, Mike no longer woke up in sweats because of his anxiety and my energy level charged up.

And from there, we dove in and spent years and tens of thousands of dollars studying with the best relationship experts, chiropractors, behaviorists, family therapists, and peak psychology experts transforming our family health into the vibrant lives we enjoy today!


I could’ve easily brushed aside the opportunity to invest in myself and said…

– It’s too expensive, we don’t have extra money right now

– My life is too busy, I don’t have time for a coaching program

– I’m not sure this program is the right fit for my situation

What’s worse, if I had walked away that day, thinking that our health challenges were just something that happened to us and we had no control over, I would have taught my daughters that sense of POWERLESSNESS for them to experience in their life.

Don’t give up at a sign of challenge. It’s time to take action to embrace YOUR INNER STRENGTH and lead by example for your family.

I hope you can learn from my story, and approach your family life with the confidence in knowing that you have the resources to turn everything around, and FAST.


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