(Video) Are You Curious About Your Health?

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It’s kind of a strange question to think about….are you curious about your health?

Typically we don’t give much thought to our health until there is a noticeable problem or symptom.

However, earlier this week while presenting at the I Admire U event, I shared how health challenges never come out of the blue….

rather it’s more likely that we simply aren’t paying attention to the early signals our body is trying to tell us.  

Check out this week’s video to discover one of my favorite ways to get a clear sense of where your body stands.. 

About 8 years ago, before I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, I had not considered how healthy my body was.

I was so busy, being busy and relying on stimulating foods and drinks to keep my energy levels going, that I didn’t realize that my body was performing sub optimally.

The level of stimulant-free energy you feel (or don’t feel) on a daily basis is always an indication of your health.

This is because your body is similar to a power plant.  A power plant does not create energy on it’s own.  It relies on lower forms of energy coming in and then transforms that energy for higher uses.

Your body is the same way.  It does not create energy out of thin air.  It must take energy from the things we put in our mouth (food, drink, supplements, medication) and transform it into fuel for all of our biochemical processes.

Your body is brilliant!  When it is not receiving adequate levels of nutrients on a consistent basis, you feel tired.  This signal is an opportunity to recognize something needs to change in order to maintain health. 

If no change is made, bodily functions will begin to diminish. This is when you notice symptoms such as headaches, digestive distress, poor concentration, anxiety, chronic infections or viruses, etc.

When nutritional deficiencies become entrenched you may see diseases such as auto-immune conditions, allergies, asthma, mental health disorders, diabetes, cancer and metabolic disease.

Many people have become very good at covering up their fatigue with stimulants.  We miss out on these early signals from the body requesting attention and this leads to bigger problems down the road.  

I invite you to join us next week as we put on our big girl pants and take a closer look at our energy levels.  

Join us for a 48 Hour Energy Inquiry.  It’s your chance to become curious and see how you feel after 48 hours of eating stimulant free foods.  Just plain real whole foods that your great grandmother would recognize!

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