(Video) Dealing with anger

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I’ve got some relief for you today if your prone to giving yourself a hard time or beating yourself up…

…feeling guilty because you got angry about a situation, or didn’t handle your child’s anger in a helpful way.

First of all, you are most definitely not alone. 

In fact, maybe you’ll even be able to laugh a little, like I did at myself after my behavior last week.  

If so, in today’s video, I share with you the same advice I received from one of my mentor’s Tony Robbins: 1 Way to understand what anger is signaling to you.  Watch the video here.

The good new is that anyone can use the technique I share in today’s video to feel empowered after experiencing a situation that triggers anger instead of guilty.

It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.

Releasing anger is all about your perspective, how you are looking at thing.  

As Tony Robbins shares in his book Awaken The Giant Within, the emotion of anger is an action signal.  It is there to give you a message…to help you!

The message of anger is that an important rule or standard that you hold for your life has been violated by someone else or maybe even by you.  

The powerful thing to understand is that you can literally change this feeling in a moment.  Recognize this as a moment to either change your perception or change your approach.  

The Solution:

1) Realize you may have misinterpreted the situation, or the other person may not know what’s most important to you.

2) Realize even if someone did violate one of your standards, your rules are not necessarily the ‘right’ ones.  

3) Ask yourself a more empowering question like “In the long run is it true that this person really cares about me?” or “what can I learn from this, how can I communicate the standards I hold more effectively?”

We’ve all been trained to rationalize why we are angry, what isn’t working, and defend our position.  (Ugh, it’s insidious, but it’s real.)

But this recipe for not letting go and adjusting our perspective or approach just keeps us farther away from the relationships we want in our families.

So starting today, let go of the idea of holding onto your anger and judging yourself harshly for feeling it.  Rather invite in the opportunity to see it simply as an action signal explore making an adjustment.  

You may end up laughing at yourself the way I did…and that definitely feels better!

So much love,


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