(Video) Green Smoothie Recipe to Boost Your Energy

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I have made many creative, and sometimes outrageous decisions in my life so far.  And they have allowed me to learn about myself in life changing ways.  (Not all pleasant things either!)

Perhaps you heard about my cookie fest challenge last weekend?!  I put myself through a challenge of eating only cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 1/2 days!!

It was an interesting experience….to put it lightly:)  The purpose of my challenge was to create a complete shift in my neuro-associations of cookies.  I’ve always been someone who enjoys eating healthy, nutrient dense meals and also enjoyed a sweet tooth.  

I decided to intentionally create a situation where my body, on a physiological level would associate more pain to eating cookies than pleasure.  

Let’s just say by Sunday I was so eager to be done eating cookies and return to my regular healthy meals!  I had headaches, stomach pains and even some tightness of breath.  

Watch this week’s video to discover my green smoothie recipe to boost my energy level back to normal: 

I’m curious have you ever thought about the associations you make about certain types of foods?  Which foods do you associate pleasure with and which ones pain or discomfort?

What factors drive your associations?  Is it primarily about how the food tastes in the moment, about the nutrients it is providing your body, how quickly you can prepare it, or about where/with who you are consuming it with?

My recent experiment created an opportunity to really focus on what overall associations I have around food. 

I discovered that choosing to focus on the long-term impact of how the food makes my body feel is very rewarding and empowering.  Rather than focusing on the short-term pleasure of the taste while eating cookies.  

Moreover, it is possible to literally change my perception of how a food tastes when I have created a strong enough neuro-association with that food.

During my cookie fest, I literally no longer enjoyed the flavor of cookies and in the years that I have been making these green smoothies I truly savor the flavor of all of these highly nutritious foods!  

Your assignment this week is to identify a food that you would benefit from creating a positive association with…(maybe it’s eating more beans for healthy fiber, or more greens to boost your levels of folic acid)…and practice focusing on the positive impact you receive from the foods.    

Remember, we have the opportunity to role model the healthy habits we want to share with our families.  When you are able to talk about, focus on and truly enjoy the benefits of healthy eating, it becomes contagious!

This green smoothie recipe is one of the consistent healthy habits I use to create lasting health and energy.  

The ingredients are:

 – 2 scoops of Isagenix Vanilla Protein Shake
 – 1 Scoop of Garden of Life Super Greens
 – 1/2 scoop of Viva Naturals Physillium Husk Powder
 – 2 oz. Young Living Ningxia Red
 – 1 handful of fresh kale
 – 1 stalk of celery
 – 1 banana

This week I’m lovingly reminding you to pay attention to your associations around the foods you eat, and focusing on the long-term benefits of real foods.  

Much love,

 – Amanda

P.S. Perhaps you have plenty of ideas of foods that you know you should be eating and providing for your family, but you aren’t sure how to actually make these part of your lifestyle consistently.  I know, it’s not always easy to get help with your nutrition.

That said, this must be part of your overall approach to providing the best health possible for your family and yourself!  I can help you map that out on a free strategy call.

And maybe, like most, you are great at coming up with lots of recipes and ideas but not at aligning all them into a consistent plan where everything works together to provide less resistance and arguments from your kids, while improving everyone’s health at the same time.  

That’s what I do with all of my private clients.  I can help you (for free) map out that plan as I have for dozens and dozens of families before you.  

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