(Video) Why Mindset is the Biggest Factor in Your Health

Amanda Hinman Uncategorized

In today’s new video on why your mindset is the biggest factor in your health, we’re going to talk about how this may be holding you back.

I don’t know about you, but I started on my health journey 7 years ago because I tend to seek empowerment almost as much as I seek feeling good.

And in the typical health world, I was most definitely not empowered.  I didn’t feel like I understood what and why things were happening with my body nor did I feel like I could make changes I was genuinely excited about.  

And feeling resentful and deprived consistently was just not enough for me!

Problem is, what I see happening for so many women as they are trying to improve the health of themselves or their child is that this “solution” they wanted, the “health transformation” piece, is not enjoyable at all.  This was certainly the case for me at first.

Maybe you can relate?  If so, watch today’s video now:

Here’s the deal…You’re probably focused on the actions you are supposed to take to improve your health…the foods your supposed to skip, the pills to take, the exercise to try and fit into your schedule.  And it all feels either like an obligation or a deprivation.

What about all the glorious energy and vibrancy that was part of your motivation for starting on this journey in the first place? 

It often falls by the wayside…

And sadly, for many of us seeking consistent vibrant health, there’s just not enough willpower to keep going and create a transformation that sticks!

What I know for sure, after 7 years of experience, is that if you do not have any joy, inspiration and genuine understanding of the reason for the actions that create consistent vibrant health, you will fall off the wagon and feel even more defeated.

And it doesn’t have to be this way if you surround yourself with knowledgeable, creative and collaborative support from someone who understands the complex dynamics in the body and is also effective at strategizing a solution for your unique situation.

So, let me ask you, sweet friend, how much longer do you really want to feel disappointed about your health?  How many times do you want to feel deprived, frustrated or dis-empowered because you just can’t understand what is not working?

I ask you this because you can genuinely feel excited about making changes to improve your health, you can shift your mindset AND enjoy the process.  I’ll even go as far as to say this shift is necessary in order to create lasting health.

You can, believe me. I do it and support my clients in doing it every week.

For starters, begin dreaming about how much better this would feel, and then let’s talk about making that happen for you too.