(Video) My daughter is now empowered and it used to be a VERY different story

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Today I share a glimpse of into the life of a daughter who is my inspiration.

Yes, my daughter is now confident and empowered when she used to struggle with health challenges and fear.

But what’s really inspiring is the perspective on how time with our children is so valuable.  I invite you to listen and reflect with me now, because regardless of what your family is living right now, you have the potential to create something more for your future.

I hope you’ll find this inspiring. Watch it now:

As I shared in this video, the practice of reflection is very powerful.  It gives you a chance to step back and take a broader perspective on situations and circumstances in your family’s life.

We often find that a situation which one day seemed impossible was in fact something you lived through and perhaps can even now recognize the valuable lessons it provided.

What do you now know and appreciate about your journey?  Often times in the moment you don’t even know what you don’t know yet.  

In my daughter’s case, we didn’t even know what we now know about the different factors that contributed to her feeling anxious and creating seizures.  We didn’t know about the consistent strategies and actions that she continues to use so this isn’t part of her life anymore.

I didn’t know HOW the way I was communicating was ineffective, and what do to instead.  I didn’t know WHAT foods were most important to support her physical health, I didn’t know how role modeling a shift in mindset would be so essential in empowering my daughter. 

It’s no accident when people have healthy and confident kids.  Can we agree:

   – eating nutritious meals
   – practicing effective communication
   – finding a balance between activity and downtime
   – choosing to find the silver lining in challenging life circumstances

lead to more ease, sense of security and overall well-being for our kids and ourselves? 

Remember, if you are experiencing a difficult time with your child it is possible to create something different in your future.  You need help.  We all do.  (I have several coaches myself.)  

There’s no need to try doing it alone anymore.

This is your invitation to reach out and have a conversation with me about where you would like to progress your certainty in supporting your child’s best health and happiness.  Click here to find a time that works for you.  

I’m game if you are:)

– Amanda

P.S. Imagine us sitting together, side by side, a year from now…with you gushing about the incredible journey we’ve been on together, how great your family is doing, giddy with joy and pride!

Imagine you and I talking about how your family’s life has changed because of the decision you made today when you schedule our conversation here.