(Video) Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud

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Too many times in my life, I’ve been told to fake it ’til you make it.

Truth be told, that never sat right with me.  And it never felt right either.

The fear of being “found out” as a fraud and caught red-handed not living healthy lifestyle choices (like when I used to lose my temper with my daughter’s because I consistently felt overwhelmed) never sat well with me.

This same fear of being “found out” for not fully living their message is what holds a lot of people back from really committing to healthy lifestyle choices.

And so they continue to hide behind reading books and listening to podcasts, practice healthy habits less than they should and continue to experience life the same way….

…while saying they want to improve their family’s health.  (Maybe you too?)

You, sweet friend, are here to be a role model to your family.  So let’s address this so you can increase your influence and feel empowered, OK?

Watch this week’s video to discover three ways that you can take charge and feel great about yourself, your lifestyle choices and your influence for your family:

Congruence means that what is in your message to your child matches with that’s in your day-to-day life.  Now…

You and I both know that there are plenty of people that talk a really good game but aren’t actually doing what they are telling their kids to do (or experiencing the results that they are promising to them).

But not us.  We are authentic moms.  And integrity is at our core.

This doesn’t mean that we need to be perfect or have it all figured out!

And it doesn’t mean that we are a fraud if we have a bad day or a binge on junk food.

This is a conversation about living more fully, more authentically and more honestly in your message. 

So, if you’re not at the pinnacle of what you teach?  Share that.

Your kids love to know that you are in the trenches with them, figuring it out as you go along.  They simply need you to be a few steps ahead so that they can get farther, faster.

Re-commit to living your message of healthy nutrition, emotional stability and positive beliefs in earnest.

Talk your walk, as opposed to walking your talk, as I also explain in today’s video.  

The best way to stop feeling like a fraud is to not be one.  Even if it means sharing more of ourselves in a way that is authentic, vulnerable and true.

Your family loves that.  They gravitate to that and you learn from your example.  

Share the real YOU.

Much love,

 – Amanda

P.S. – Maybe you’re not sure what actions to take.  Um. I find that to be the case a lot of the time.  You have the willingness, but not the know-how.  Maybe we should chat.  If you’re lacking clarity on how to best support your child and you want to get step-by-step direction on how to do it successfully, and you want to not be alone doing it, then I’d love to find our more about you and see if I can help. 

Perhaps it’s time that you stopped doing it all on your own and got some well-deserved guidance.  So let’s book a time for us to talk:)  Simply click here.