(Video) How to really ‘know’ how to support your child’s vibrant health

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It’s no secret that I am a lifelong learner.  I’m one of those people who truly enjoys considering new perspectives to see how it may be useful in my life and that of my family’s.  

So when I was recently meeting with one of my mentors Kiva Schuler for a Mastermind and she asked how do I really “know” how to support my kids best health and happiness she got me thinking.  (watch the video and you’ll understand).

So, listening to her explain the three levels of knowing something gave me a chance to step back and self-reflect, a chance to be real honest with myself.  

I hope you’ll find this inspiring. Watch it now:

It’s no accident when people have healthy and confident kids.  Can we agree:

– eating nutritious meals
– practicing effective communication
– finding a balance between activity and downtime
– choosing to find the silver lining in challenging life circumstances

lead to more ease, sense of security and overall well-being for our kids and ourselves?

The truth is we “know” what we should be role modeling for our families, yet as I recently learned and share in today’s video there are three different levels of knowing something.

While on one hand, you may think you know something when you have an awareness of what action is beneficial.  For example, you know that eating a dinner that includes vegetables, lean protein, and fiber is a good thing for your family.  You may even have some recipes to prepare these foods.

However, this first level of knowing does not mean your family actually eats this way consistently.

The second level of knowing is when you are consistently doing it.   Perhaps you are aware that your child feels loved and supported when you give him hugs and rub his head.  Maybe his love language is physical touch.  You make an intention to connect with him in a meaningful way everyday to fill his bucket of love and boost his confidence.

This level of knowing is a progression and requires your focused attention to create consistent habits.

The third level of knowing is simply being.  When you truly know something in this intimate way it’s a part of who you are.  Your actions and thoughts automatically align because it is not separate from you.  An example, is the way you know you will be by your child’s side if they ever need to be hospitalized.

It’s unconditional commitment.  It’s having a sense of certainty in the same way that when you lift a cup of water to your lips you know you will be able to drink the water.  You never doubt in your ability to do so.

There is a natural progression through these three stages of knowing.  And it’s totally normal to have an awareness of some actions that would be beneficial for our family, and to be in the process of doing some actions (sometimes successfully and other times not so much!).

I’m curious what areas of your life do you truly know (level 3) and where are you are still progressing?

Remember, level 3 knowing does not happen from the sidelines.  You need help.  We all do.  (I have several coaches myself.)

There’s no need to try doing it alone anymore.

This is your invitation to reach out and have a conversation with me about where you would like to progress your certainty in supporting your child’s best health and happiness.  Click here to find a time that works for you.

I’m game if you are:)

– Amanda

P.S. Imagine us sitting together, side by side, a year from now…with you gushing about the incredible journey we’ve been on together, how great your family is doing, giddy with joy and pride!

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