(Video) Stacey’s 50 point decrease in cholesterol

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Your message of inspiration today is about how much you can improve your health once you are willing to get help putting the right approach in place…

…like Stacey’s incredible 50 point decrease in cholesterol since working together!!

Watch me interview her about how she did it:  

Here is some of what Stacey said in her video:

“Before working with you I would try to diet and lose weight and gain it back again, yo-yo dieting and never really made my health a focus.  I’ve had allergies, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years.

Working with you and having your guidance and support, I’ve been able to believe it’s possible to put my health and myself first.  I’ve seen great progress already.  

One of the best things, was when my 13 year old son said I have really good will power and he’s inspired!  It feels really good to role model for him.  

In just over 30 days of changing the way I eat, my cholesterol was at 240 and went down to 170!!  In addition, I’ve already lost 18 pounds.  I feel much more energized and consistent.  

The big difference this time, is that I believe in myself, I have the support from you.  I’m not doing it alone.”

Congratulations Stacey!!

The truth is, health transformation doesn’t happen by itself.  Problem is, those who need a shift in their nutrition the most are usually those who run as far away as they can when it’s time to change how they eat, or who at the very least, put the idea of nutritional changes on the back burner (sometimes even for years).

This changes radically when they get the support and guidance they need to make these changes effectively and even enjoy the process!  That’s what I do with my private clients.  

This interview still makes me a bit tingly in the eyes…because it is just so moving for me to witness this kind of transformation, again and again.  Its life changing for women I coach as well as everyone in their family, because it works.

The stories I share are inspiring, yes.  These women have done extraordinary things, it’s true.

Schedule a call, just to chat about what might be possible for you.  I am here to help, never to pressure you into something that isn’t wholehearted yes for you.  

It just may be the beginning of an incredible shift for your family too, like it was for Stacey and many others.  

Much love,


P.S. – Here’s the link to set up a time to chat.  It’s free and there’s no pressure and nothing to lose.  Go for it.  xoxo