(Video) Yikes Here Was my Parenting Fail This Week…

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Do I have permission to be super honest with you for a minute, even if it sounds a bit critical of myself?

Here goes:

We all make mistakes as a parent (just like I did this week).

Moments where we let our feelings of frustration, worry or exhaustion be used as weapons and aimed at our kids (Ugh, yuck, blech!!!)

Here is what happened in my family this week….

Let’s face it, there are days when you’re not at your best.  We all have moments when we react, without pausing to become consciously aware of what’s going on with our own emotions and check how we respond to our kids.

My beliefs are rooted in love, personal responsibility and abundance, and by nature, I see every single person as worthy and capable.

So when I see moms who struggle with losing their cool too often, or who don’t recognize conflicts and disruptions with their child are an indication that something deep inside of them is signaling to be looked at…I get it!
Listen, I don’t want to guilt people, that’s exactly what was wrong with my approach to my daughter’s messy room this week.

But the good news is that there is a different way to role model for your kids.

It’s a method and process that I’ve been honing and shaping for the better part of the past 5 years. It’s based on maintaining energy, personal responsibility and love, and…it works.

It honors you as the parent offering a solution, and it deeply honors your child.

As I proved this week, we all make mistakes, it’s not about being perfect.  The key is what happens after the mistakes.

In order to take responsibility for your actions or words, you need to know:

– how to communicate your desire in a loving way
– have the capacity to see things from your child’s perspective
– create a habit of re-energizing yourself so this type of interaction is the exception rather than the norm

​​​In fact, when you apologize to your child for your mistakes AND then demonstrate how trustworthy you are in maintaining your energy and personal responsibility so this doesn’t happen frequently, you share an incredible gift with them.

(It’s no accident that moms who take care of themselves are good at minimizing their negative reactions to their kids.)

For today, though, I want to challenge you to do something that most moms avoid…

Set specific, tangible goals for maintaining your energy.

It all starts with you taking personal responsibility to have the capacity to show up with love for your child.

And then know that there’s a lot more headed your way in the coming weeks, so you, too, can make that goal a reality, increase your energy and experience more enjoyable moments with your kids.

Yes. You, with more fun and ease in your family.  Feeling good about it!​​​​​​​

Can’t wait to see the new you,​​​​​​​


P.S. – Here’s why I hope that you’re as intrigued about this as I am:

Learning to effectively and consistently maintain your energy is the only guaranteed strategy to improving the overall health of your family, and role modeling how to do it for your child – it’s the path to the clarity, the empowerment and the joy you are capable of.

And I promise: you can learn to energize yourself in a way you’ll love.  You’ll see.

In the meantime, if you want to get started in improving your family’s health right away, let’s talk.  Click here to schedule a 15 minute conversation with me​​​​​​​ so I can find out more about you and your family and show you what’s possible!