Wanna Know My New Year’s Theme?

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As we head into 2018, if you’re like me, you’re thinking about how to make this the best year yet for you and your family.  This year, instead of a long list of resolutions that won’t make it past January, I decided to pick a theme or a word for the year as a guiding light.

Yup – just 1 word that will help us have an awesome year no matter what comes our way!

I don’t try to come up with my word.  Instead I wait for it to arrive.  My word for 2018 arrived last week during a meditation with my coach when I had my eyes closed and was focusing on filling my body with light.  (Yep. We’re not focused on exercise plans or revenue goals for my business.  Those are valuable, yes, but not when they don’t stem from a place of deep connection.)

I complete the sentence “All roads lead to ________________.”

This year my word is​​​​​ prosperity

Last year it was an invitation.

The word “prosperity” plopped into my lap, calling me to listen to it and play with the idea.​​​


​​​​​I have learned that so many New Year’s Resolutions aren’t kept, because our goals aren’t aligned with our core values.

So, it’s important to me that my word for 2018 is aligned with my core values.  I value self-awareness, appreciation and clarity.  After marinating in the word prosperity I can see how when I have a plan to practice self-awareness, appreciation and clarity this year, all roads will lead to prosperity.

I want to be prosperous in my relationships

I want to be prosperous in my physical, emotional and spiritual health = Vibrant Health

I want to be prosperous my business


Do you pick a word or a theme for the year?  What is it?  Do you have any other intention or goal-setting practices at the beginning of the year?

I’d love to hear what yours are too!  But no matter what intentions or theme’s we choose, one thing’s for sure – in order to experience the benefits all year long – you need a PLAN.

Read on to learn how I plan to make my theme a reality, and how you can too!

How I plan to be prosperous in my relationships

I have twice monthly date nights scheduled with Mike on our calendars.  Life gets busy fast with four kids and two working parents, so having the clarity of knowing we prioritize time for the two of us to connect keeps our marriage strong and I believe will lead to an even more prosperous relationship.

Also, I have self-awareness to understand expressing appreciation to my daughters, friends and other loved ones takes practice.  It’s not something I have always done so it doesn’t happen unless I am intentional about it.  So, what’s my plan?  I will write one person that I am going to explicitly express appreciation for each day during my morning journal time.

How I plan to be prosperous in business

I have scheduled training for myself throughout the year to continue to increase my skills so I can add even more value to my clients.  Learning has always been a strength for me and it’s one of the ways I stay enthusiastic and engaged in my life’s work.  I feel tremendous
appreciation for the time I spend learning new skills because this is so satisfying.

Here are the skills I’m focused on this year in business:
– BANK sales training: group training program
– Speaking – including weekly review of TED talks and Toastmasters
– Incorporating Profit First financial model – bi-monthly financial review

How I plan to be prosperous with Vibrant Health

I made a list of all the different ways I can choose to renew my physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Being prosperous with Vibrant Health sound kinda vague?  That’s  completely intentional.  If I can do just ONE THING everday to help renew my vitality, I will consider that a success/  JUST ONE THING.  Anyone can do that.  As long as a I have a plan…
​​self-awareness I’ll choose just one thing to do from each list.  And if I do more than one thing – BONUS!  But by focusing on just one thing, I’ll be able to guarantee daily success.  Success builds upon success, and success happens one step at a time.  Join me in 2018 in building up successes one-day-at-a-time in working toward the best you yet!

Here’s my daily Vibrant Health List.

– Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables
– Drink at least 60 ounces of water
– Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day
– Spend time outdoors in nature
– Get 8 hours of sleep each night

– Journal for 10 minutes each day
– Read before bed
– Meditate for at least 10-15 minutes
– Practice appreciation with Mike, Julia, Isabel, Avery and Taylor
– Look in the mirror and smile

This year my intention is to fill my life with prosperity…to have all roads lead to prosperity.

No matter what else happens all year, no matter what goals are reached or missed, I know for sure that if prosperity is the bottom line, it’s going to be one for the books.

Much love,


​​​P.S. Hey, I get it.  You know you want more for you and your family in 2018, but you’re tired of setting goals and never realizing them.  Sometimes, it’s really difficult to determine what (specifically) is the thing that’s getting in the way of you implementing what you know you should be doing.  Many parents know WHAT to do, but they don’t do it – well, at least until they get insight from me about what’s getting in the way and plan for getting into action.  For free.

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