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It’s never going to be about the symptom…

You see health isn’t about the symptom, it’s about the root cause.

This is the message world renowned Functional Medicine Doctor Tom O’Bryan shared this week in Chicago.  I was fortunate enough to connect with him and once again be reminded of how health is an inside job.  

And, my friend…it’s never going to be as easy as taking a new supplement or medicine.  If you want to live this vibrantly healthy life, you’re going to have to earn it.

Vibrant Health is a bit like the wild west.  There are lots of miners digging for gold, but no one is digging thinking there are guarantees.  Every week there are new diet books.  New articles on what supplements to be taking.  New studies showing a decrease in the average life expectancy for the third straight year in America.

Top health experts (who are being honest) share that health statistics in America are showing more than 40% of people are living with chronic health conditions, and that number is rising.  

And so, the question that I have for you today is can you afford to keep mining for gold without any guarantee of finding a vein?  Or…would you be better off building a solid, reliable foundation of health?

Sure, it’s not going to “transform your health overnight” but it will give you energy and vitality that you can count on for years and years.  Then you’ll be able to grow and experience more joy, ease and clarity in your life.

Back in my health journey days, I would read books about gut health, articles about the recent exercise trends and look for ‘Superfood’ nutrients in health stores.

Since I’d worked in accounting and finance, I have a real love of the numbers in a situation.  Numbers don’t lie.  They don’t have opinions.  They have no stake in what is true or isn’t.

So, when I had a comprehensive thyroid panel and saw that my Thyroid antibodies were “off the charts” as described by my doctor at the time, I knew something had to shift in my life.

I’ll never forget the feelings that bubbled up for me.  My instinct is to get angry when I am faced with an unexpected situation and to resist or push away at first.

In fact, I remember feeling this same way when I was told that my daughter would most likely need seizure medication for the rest of her life, to manage her daily episodes.

I got to that place with my own health by trying to take the quick and aggressive path to health.  I was pushing myself in weekly workouts, eating mostly salads (and having constant cravings for cookies!!) and relying on quick bursts of adrenaline to keep my energy going.

I had to accept and then role model for my daughter that there are no shortcuts in health.  Vitality is earned through the real focus that we put in day after day, week after week.  

Luckily, for me when I feel anger about a situation then the next thing that comes is a compelling urge to take action and make a difference.  

And so, I worked with a coach and mapped out the self-care routine and nutritional strategy to heal my body.  Basically, I put the things in place that I’d spent $20,000 trying to avoid.

If you’ve been looking for the shortcut (or digging and digging for gold)…Stop.

Get real with yourself about what you can promise and what you can commit to.  And just do that.  

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